What is Trailer?

Trailer is a video work enabling increase of recognizability of a company, enterprise or a product, which expands works of mentioned company or give detailed information on the product. Trailer is the easiest and effective way to describe a work. Today, internet became irreplaceable. Especially, companies are competing to reach people in the social media.

Videos which creates viral impact are usually made by taking into account areas to which people are interested. Trailers are categorized within themselves as corporate introduction film, company trailer, product trailer, venue trailer, book trailer, event trailer, web site trailer and so on. The purpose of trailers is to attract attention by reaching the potential customer and to introduce product, service or enterprise in the most possible correct and comprehensible way. 

Advantages of the Video

All internet users without distinguishing to age watch at least one video per day. When this situation was taken into account, with a trailer, it is possible to make a brand reach to more people in terms of number in a more easy and effective way. Therefore, explaining your work with a trailer will enable you to reach more people in a faster way. It is obvious that at this point, people give importance to visuality more than written communication. Thinks you read fly away but, visuality sticks into the mind. In this regards, the importance of trailer must be highlighted again.     

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Trailer is Now Everywhere

Trailer are published not only in the internet but also in some public transportation devices such as subway in gigantic electronic billboards. Rolling trailers attract attention of people walking on the road and traveling, besides, seeing these videos constantly imbeds the product in people’ subconscious. In brief, trailers which used to be limited with just television screens, are now everyone thanks to spreading digitalization. In this regard, it is possible to say that we are quickly integrated with the novelties of the developed countries abroad. In terms of competition, it is essential not to get behind in these developments, to adopt quickly distinctive novelties in the trailers and to apply unattended.

It is very important to determine target audience to which the message will be addressed while preparing the trailer. Therefore, an accurate target audience analysis should be conducted at the very beginning of the work. SEO and FPO (First Page Optimization) teams conduct these analyses and from the words people searches they analysis what people words pay attention. They submit these analyses to the production team. Production takes required steps in line with these analyses. Subjects which have the biggest impact on the target audience are determined and they are conveyed to the target audience in the most possible successful way. 

Later, we concentrate on trailer’s script writing studies. As in all communication strategies, customer briefs are very important. A trailer which is designed in line with the expectations of the briefs, target audience brand sector, enriches brand image and customer number is increased by providing maximum interaction with the customer and enables you to get more feedbacks.     

Drawing masses’ attention and providing interaction with the trailers representing actuality and vitality help to determine needs according to reaction, to understand to what extent your brand seems coherent and to provide an interrupted communication. Narrative thought and pluralism are very important factors for trailers. This person ensures the best presentation of the story to be told without causing discrimination in the masses.

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How Should be the Target Audience and Script in a Trailer?

With a special study, we determine what kind of message will be transmitted to which audience with the trailer which will be actualized by our professional team within the VH MEDYA. We create visual stock of promotional video by realizing shootings and graphic designs in line with the customer expectations and requests.  As VH MEDYA, we do not evaluate corporate introduction film and product trailer shootings just as filmmaking, we create a roof taking your vision, target audience and product into account, act in line with your target audiences’ needs and problems, and to keep noticeability at highest level.       

As VH MEDYA, our target is to provide memorability with a visual language. Today, telling your work with a qualified trailer is the most successful advertisement solution and enables you start one move ahead of your other competitors. As VH MEDYA, we provide you to stand out among competitors with the most privileged trailers and advance with your own trailer.       

Our Film Director: Yüksel Torun

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