Commercial Film Shooting

Commercial Film Shooting

What is a Commercial Film?

Commercial shootings are the short films made for television. It comprises short films to advertise a product or a brand which are shown in television show breaks, television series or movie breaks. It is fact that commercial films are the most productive communication tool in television world from past to present. It is possible to estimate commercial film rates more or less taking into account the fact that there is a television in every home in the world and when masses watching television are considered.       

Agencies firstly make sectoral and target audience analysis in line with the taken briefs. Thus, it becomes possible to reach the target community in details. A fiction which is remarkable, catchy, clear and most importantly creative should be addressed in parallel with customer expectations. In line with the obtained data, commercial film preparation phase should be started. During this process, the scenario to transmit product features for which commercial film is shooting to the customer should be decided.  

After completing detailed examination of the product, script writing starts. During script writing customer’s opinion are also very important. Scripts are created by taking into account customer expectations and opinions. These scripts are created with experienced commercial film and copywriters. Projects are produced in groups and the most accurate and catchy opinion is selected to proceed.    

After script writing, proper location or studio is determined, required equipment are prepared and commercial shooting is realized by the expert cameraman and directors in the shooting location. Besides the real films, it is possible to shoot animation commercial films. In this respect, it is the preference of the customer. The more commercial shootings are in good quality the more positive feedbacks would be taken for your product from the target audience. Besides, it increases target audience’s confidence on your brand and increases quality perception of your product. In addition, people watching television recognizes your product. For commercial shootings a long and professional process should be applied.    

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Besides television advertisements, along with the proliferation of the internet, it became more easy to advertise products and brands. Prepared commercial shootings are designed proper to be published not only on television but also on internet environment. From education to health, from news to entertainment, various product and service advertisement is possible. Therefore, internet is in the position of an interactive media of which the content is changing constantly.  It is also a new and effective platform for advertisements. The most proper way of getting information on a product and reach the product is on the internet.

Why Advertisement is Required?

“Persuasion” factor is always in the first plan of advertising sector. Interesting and catchy commercial films are desirable by audience from all ages and it raises product consideration desire. If subject of the advertisement is interesting, it becomes more believable and convincing people becomes easier. The purpose of the commercial shootings should not be just to sell. The thought of selling mentioned here should mean both embedding the product and brand in the subconscious. Determination of the target having different goals is to ensure imposition of brand and their features by increasing sales and continuous preferability of that product and brand. 

Commercial shootings which are composed of images, demonstrating features of the product or service by displaying and covering very few sentences and statements, are more convincing. To make images effective, you must work with people who became notably professional in this field. It is possible to create many creative commercial film with proper script, accurate shooting environment and relevant technical equipment as long as people focusing on the issue have required background to spread the product to a wide range. Because, reaching to the accurate target audience is possible with the accurate team.

Why Should You Do for a Commercial Film?

As VH Medya, we provide effective solutions on preparing commercial film and we realize projects which will maximizes brand recognition by increasing the value of the brand. We help you to make the advertisement of your brand or product in the best and effective way, make them reachable by more audience and make you gain new customers. As Dup Film, we are shooting commercial films by elaborating it step by step because we give priority to your satisfaction.   

We fictionalize commercial film project in details which are shooting in high level studios in such a way to ensure watching by raising attention to the customer. If you want to make the promotion of your product, service and brand in the most effective way to the accurate audience, prefer Dup Film so that we can contribute in the growth of your brand by giving life to the commercial films effectively reflecting your work.  

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