Corporate Introduction Film

Corporate Introduction Film

Corporate Introduction Film

Digital platform makes advertisement of the companies with various alternatives and make them recognizable. Corporate introduction film presents it to the people in a short and explanatory videos. Then, what are the areas of usage of these corporate introduction films? It has a wide range from primarily web sites and video channels to showroom, local channels and customer specific presentation. Introduction film is very important but, putting an idea into practice is more important. A creative team and required hardware tools are required in doing so.          

There is no location limit in corporate introduction films. The important thing is to fictionalize the accurate idea in parallel with the target audience and to realize it by considering all of its details because if you do not shoot a film fitting with the target audience, taking its feedback will be more difficult. A team of experts of their field is essential at this stage. An area study should be conducted to determine target audience and immediately after, to write an effective script.   

Script writing and editing are the tasks of copywriters and editors. After creating the idea, creative director will step in to realize that. In case introduction film will be shooting with live actors, actors fitting to the story will be selected and a venue design proper to environment of the history will be realized.

Corporate Introduction Film Should Create a Difference

Film shooting will start with creative director, cameraman and sound team and depending on the circumstances, required effects and animations will be added by employees expertized in the area of graphics and animation. Depending on the request and of course script, various shootings such as indoor, open area and over air shooting with the help of drone will be realized professionally. After shootings, a presentation will be made to customer, introduction film will be prepared proper to the intended platform (social media, television and so on).   

As Vh Medya, we introduce your company to the large masses, create the more suitable script with creative ideas bringing your brand into the forefront and realize your shootings together with collogues experts in their field. If you want to take your place in digital platforms which are developing each and every day and create difference in advertisements and to deliver your company and products to the correct target of audience in the most correct way, Vh Medya will meet all of your needs in the area of corporation introduction film. 

Corporate Introduction Film Cost Varies

Corporate Introduction Film prices starts from 250 USD and varies according to the project. It varies in terms of various components such as location/locations to be used, technical infrastructure, script, artist and music. Budget is prepared based on shootings and project desing.