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Our Photo Services

Photo Services

Being a brand is not just in direct proportion to produce a good product. Making the advertisement of the product or service to be produced with accurate strategies is effective in reaching the product to the right buyers. These strategies are important dynamics revealing the exact value of product. Catalog, fashion, product, advertisement, jewelry, accessories, outdoor and indoor photo shootings are therefore very important. It is the exposed face of the product or service to which the buyer will look first when buying the service or product. Visuality’s important cannot be underestimated in this point. When we look to the market, we see that same or similar products are sold in different platforms with different methods. Whatever the method is, the quality of the product or service’s photo plays an important role to stick in customer’s mind. People wants to see every single detail of the product. 

A competition started with the development of publicity mediums in parallel with technology and the increase in their numbers, and the ambition of brands to bring their products into the forefront. As a result of these developments, the importance of product photography is also increasing every passing day. This branch not also requires a considerable professionalism but also application of the photo techniques by photographer by giving priority to products prominent features. Photography which requires mastery on the concept, background, composition and story, necessitates experience on frames taken based on lifestyle, purchase power, likes and even gender of target audience who will purchase the product. Photos taken based on all mentioned features will be determinant in purchasing the product by sticking into person’s mind.        

Since visuality is more effective than writing, in general terms, it also made product photography popular. Instead of hundreds of advertisement writing, sometimes an accurately taken photo is more effective. Photos taken in a requested place under a proper light should be prepared in accordance with the purpose by processing required procedures in the digital environment. In case product require fashion shooting, it should be realized in a studio with accurate lighting adjustments on the model.  While introducing any kind of product which will be put on or pin, shootings should be done with right angle.

You can just put the difference of the products of your brand in a fashion shooting via a model. Today, some companies who do not know what is the photography cannot to their customers what they want and they ruin product advertisement. Especially in fashion and product shootings, it is important to know what customer expects and to understand what they want to do in order to make the project successful in all means. Therefore, it should be very well determined where, how to make the work and which equipment should be used.   

To illustrate, indoor shooting requires significant information and infrastructure. Because, in indoor shootings artificial light will be used and it is very important to be experienced in this subject. The reason is that shooting under artificial light is a more complicated work than shooting in natural environment. In indoor and outdoor shootings, lens and camera adjustments should be done again according to environment. Otherwise, it will not be possible to reach the expected result. Therefore, either indoor or outdoor, it would be beneficial for you to work with an experienced company which will conclude this work properly.  

Our professional photographers within Dup Film realize shootings by creating accurate compositions in such a way that would introduce them in best way and publish on the right medium. Taken photos should contain details attracting consumer’s attention and charming them and this is a situation necessitating expertise. By being aware of this fact, they are realizing quality shootings for advertisement in web sites, online shopping sites or catalogs, which will arouse purchasing desire by featuring the most distinct characteristics of the product. And, in the shootings, they use devices fitting to environment, latest technology equipment and required technical infrastructure.

Our photographers who follows closely global trends, produce a marginal and remarkable result by adding different perspectives in parallel with these trend. In order to increase recognition of you and your brand, it is very important to produce unique photographs by breaking the rules instead of being ordinary and to follow an updated and innovative path. Our photographers taking action considering this fact, realize their projects by examining target audience with a perspective that anyone else have and by producing concepts which will attract attentions to the product. As a result of shootings, photos selected by the company executive are also processed by our expert team and the most attractive frames are presented to the company.