What is Production?

Production which has several meanings such as generate, produce and manufacture has other meanings such as exposure and display. If it will be described in brief; it is a process containing all activities completing project stages realized with equipment by providing all kinds of material, equipment and application required in projects such as advertisement and commercial film. All stages of any kind of trailer, television programme or motion picture film are within the context of production. Besides these kind of programmes, components such as dubbing, sound recording, animation and film cutting, and stages starting from cameraman to actors, sound system, studio and fiction are all parts of production. In our country, production service is mostly given in commercial films, tv series and movie shootings.  

Adequate tools should be selected for the production according to mainly service to be given. To illustrate, in case there is a trailer shooting, cameras relevant to the movie should be selected, lighting should be arranged proper to environment. Sound system should be installed by taking available atmosphere into account. A healthy production process can start after completing these processes.  

Video shootings for which the production will be conducted are categorized within itself as trailer, commercial film, short-length and full-length film and viral film. In general, these films cover product and service publicity oriented to target audience of the companies. In these videos, while the product is introducing, information is also given on the film.   

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Another component in production process is professional photo shooting. Photo shootings can be categorized in different titles according to purpose as artistic, product, model, catalog and so on. Photo shootings are very important in terms of creating visually memorability in the subconscious. Photo shooting should be realized with a professional perspective to reflect a product, service or idea and to stick in target audience’s minds. To put into practice today’s trendy commercial films, production processes such as merging these photo shootings with mounting video and skipping from the photo to the live frames should be conducted by the experts.      

What is an animation film? How is it done?

On the other hand, production process in animation film works are realized by starting with modelling process in three-dimensional level called as both two-dimensional and 3D and it continues with moving models in accordance with the mounting and turning to a commercial film. At the end of production process, it will be published in the relevant platforms by putting animation into practice with adequate sound, music and dubbing. And, all of these modelling, dubbing and music works should be carried out by artists experienced and specialized in their areas. 

To Foreground the Brand...

As known, associated with the popularity of the internet, fast consumption contents took their place in our life expeditiously. Especially in the social media, people are oriented to watch more than read. Broadcasts appealing to eye and ear aroused more interest. Therefore, production processes as well continues to take shape within this frame. In order to foreground a brand, it now mandatory to have quality publicity and commercial video and even to own a YouTube channel. Making continuous sharing in the social media would be insufficient to move your brand forward.   

To attract target audience’s attention, remarkable videos with stories relevant to target audience by applying a decent production should be designed and it should be published in the adequate platforms on the adequate time.  And, to manage these processes, you should work with an agency having sufficient specialist and experienced staff and technical equipment and providing you creating a difference in the market. In other words, to realize creative works and to manage properly your brand’s publicity process, the most efficient way would be to take advantage of the experiences of a team realized competence works.   

As Dup Film; association of VHMEDYA, we carry out product, service and venue promotions with our experienced team, accomplish 3D animation films and give dubbing services. Besides, we help to be distinguished among your competitors by arranging aerial shootings with today’s trend Drone. We successfully; from a to z, manage production possesses of the films realized in film shooting platforms within our company having different dimension. We are introducing quality and popular works with our latest technology lighting and camera equipment, experienced scripters and directors. In case you also want to put into practice any of your idea and to introduce professionally your brand in the most relevant mediums, VH MEDYA would meet all of your needs in this area with its specialized team.

VHMEDYA Production Services:

  • Commercial film, trailer shooting and all processes
  • Animation modelling, music and postsynching
  • Photo shooting
  • Advertising media planning
  • DVD printing and distribution
  • Television installation, satellite broadcasting
  • Special productions prepared for television
  • All kinds of PR services
  • Documentary film shooting
  • Public demonstration organization
  • Stage and sound systems
  • Dubbing services