To Get a Top Google Ranking

To Get a Top Google Ranking

Many enterprise, brand and webmaster make vigorous effort to get a top ranging in Google and spend significant amount of money for SEO activities. This is because web sites getting a top searching engine rate take a large part of visitors. 

In fact, visitors mean money. In this respect, all SEO activities are carried out to get a top search engine rate and to get the lion’s share of the visitor cake. Getting a top Google ranking will increase your popularity and it will also increase your advertisement incomes, besides, it will provide new business offers.     

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In order to get a top ranking, many criteria should be met and to create a user oriented web site. At the moment, Google SEO criteria exceeds 200. In order to get a top ranking, all ofthese criteria must be met in your web site. In fact, to accomplish that is very difficult and therefore SEO companies emerged. If you own a web site or blog and you don’t have budget to allocate SEO activities, you still have something to do.  

To Get a Top Google Ranking

Getting a top Google ranking will provide you more visitors and your advertisement incomes increase consequently. Therefore, many webmaster and enterprise allocate some of their budget to advertisement and SEO activities.  

In order to get a top ranking, at first step, you need a quality and well-designed web site or blog. While SEO is helping easy surfing of your customers in your web site with a quality theme bringing your coherent keywords to the forefront, it will get you a top searching result ranking.

It should not be forgotten that search engine results are determined based on more than 200 criteria and it should be considered. Therefore, you should pay attention to some criteria to get a top ranking. Since it is not possible to meet all of 200 criteria, you should pay attention and try to meet below given aspects.

Domain and Hosting

Domain name you will choose must be related to your content and it should be short and catchy as far as possible. Taking a domain name related to your contents and subjects will help to get a top ranking in search results. 

Hosting, on the other hand, must have Turkey location and it should be opening fast. Therefore, we should pay attention to hosting which has a direct impact on web site’s speed.

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Theme – Design

To get a top search engine ranking, a quality design must be used and SEO settings must be fully done. A complete in-site and out-site SEO setting is an important criterion to get a top Google ranking you will need.   

Your visitor pay attention to design more than content. Therefore, you should select for yourselves a quality design and you should pay attention making the mobile settings coherent. In addition, theme is an important factor effecting directly site opening speed.

Content Quality and Length

How long visitors stayed in the web site and what is the site exit rate; those are very important for webmasters willing to appear in the first page of Google. Your web site will be valuable the more your visitors stay in your web site. This is related to the quality and length of the content. According to researches, it was observed that, in general, contents in the first page are longer than 2000 words. Certainly, it is not necessarily mean that if your content is long, you will be on the first page or to get a top ranking. Besides the length, content must be in a good quality and should cover useful information for the reader.  Therefore, you should pay attention to have a content which has a good quality, detailed and not boring the reader.

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The more backlink you will get related to the content of your web site from other web sites or blogs the more it would bring you benefit. Certainly, backlink should be provided relevant to your web site’s content and backlink activity should not be fast. If you try to get link excessively Google may punish you instead of getting you a top ranking. 

You can get link from web sites and blogs with a high quality and relevant to your area in a systematic and planned way. 

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Social Media

For a web site or blog, it is now inevitable not to have a social media account. Therefore, if you have a web site, the first thing you should do is to create an account in the most famous social networks. In this way, you can share new contents published in your web site in your social media pages and attract visitors for your web site.

Concentrating on the subjects giving in the titles will help you to increase your Google ranking. However, you should not forget that you should make professional SEO companies do a study to get the highest ranking. Getting a top Google ranking is target necessitating discipline, hard-working and patient. You should be aware of this fact and you should determiner a road map in this line. If you are in a hurry, here is a single paged version.    

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Prepared by: Yemliha Toker