Vh Medya Consultancy Service

Vh Medya Consultancy Service

Seo (Search Engine Optimization) is in fact the first and the most important step of your presence in the internet. In case you can coordinate seo activities in a proper way, the rest comes automatically.  After June 2016, search engines like Google started online browsing transactions by supporting all updates realized up until now with artificial intelligence. If you say what it means, Google gives now instant reactions to updates in the web sites. It instantly operates your correct and wrong actions. Google controls 200 different combinations and makes ranking. Some of these combinations are as given below:

It make control on approximately 200 different combinations such as how many years your domain address is used, is the other web sites in your hosting address contain web sites like illegal bet etc., conformity of the content you published on your web site (title, keyword you use in the content, character number of your posts, tag number, how many link was added, video number in your youtube channel, indication of descriptions of the photos published in your web site in the detail tab and their conformity with your post, sharing in your social media account, how many people checked the post you published in your web site etc.), the number of your organic followers, interaction of your publications, how many people entered from social media platforms into your web site, how many people entered social media accounts from your web site, how many you have subscription in your youtube channel, how many of them watched the videos, advertisement of your web site in other web sites and so on. It also makes it for your competitors and features contents which can provide optimum efficiency to the end user.      

If your web site does not have AMP coding, it sends to background in mobile. If you copied content, it sends to background your indexes while bringing the web site you copied the content to forefront and it even deletes it. Besides copied content, customization has also a language and Google has now a software descripting it. We are talking about a software determining every single person who writes.

We can say the same thing for the social media. In the social media platforms as well artificial intelligence is using now. We all fell this artificial intelligence but, we are not able to name it. These platforms who bring us everyone we know; in fact, brings probabilities by reading millions of data via data interpretation process such as #Hashtag number we use in the social media, tags, follower number of your followings, your followers’ likes-putting comment and so on.

Planning should be done according to indications such as when your social media target audience used, when and for which sector sharing should be done, location, age and target audience needs. Many details such as what should be the content of the video-image to be shared, font, background and whether you should have a logo or not, should also be attractive for the masses.  

To illustrate, would you want to know what people are searching know in Google? Here is a simple link. The list of common words written now in Turkey: 


Link of common words searched in Goggle globally: 


Thanks to software we own, we are able to see various data such as in which sector people for which word people makes searches, after these searches which to web site they reach, how many people entered to these web sites, how long they stayed in the web site and which page people have visited within this period. This determines how many traffic your competitor have, for what and which word are searched by the end user and what is your rank for this word. VH Medya steps in at this stage and by preparing you a special plan, we enable you to come into first page. Thus, instead of spending time with the product/service you have produced, you make studies and spend financial resources upon needs. Besides, you provide information via the graphical analysis on the future of your products/services.    

As VH Medya, we coordinate many other aspects that we could not mentioned about here and we provide you an optimum solution project. When you have your heart set on, leave us the rest.