Video Clip

Video Clip

It is a crystal-clear fact that video clips are in highly important position to become prominent in the sector. However, shooting video clips is a work necessitating professionalism. In the past, since video clips were shooting just to broadcast in television, they were designed for television format. However, nowadays, as a result of digital platforms almost every formats are taking into account while shooting. A suitable management process is required to achieve that.    

Certainly, there are also changes in the equipment as a result of transition to the digital network. Exhausting shootings made with just a single camera, lasting for hours give place to impressive shootings made with new equipment having a more developed perspective. In this road spreading from analog shootings through digital shootings, making a world class, up-to-date shooting became important. Single mode shootings which are made by constantly focusing on the artist ended. Taking into account the fact that audiences and music lovers are masses following always novelties, resilience is a production company’s must. Updated equipment means developed sound quality and renewed visual effects. And, this is the most distinct evidence why visuality in the clips had to be shooting in a modern way.   

Story as well is, of course, one of the most important component for a clip. In that sense, writing a proper script fitting to music requires professionalism. Therefore, it is required to work with talented writers who are writing short scripts. Team must be composed of writers creating different stories with various concepts who know how scrips would be reflected into the screen and what kind of impression would be given to the watcher.  Type of clip and target audience must be carefully evaluated and scripts which would reflect the mood together with the music should be created. Achieving that is based on experience. If the team creating the story is experienced, created clip would be that much unique and impressive. 

Another subject is shooting the story with proper equipment and team. In that sense, clip director is very important. By examining alternative clip scripts, director would select the script which can be reflected into screen in the most impressive and striking way. In this part, opinion of the video clip owner is also taken, his/her outdoor or indoor preferences are evaluated. The most important thing will be to make what is requested by the artist and to shoot the most convenient clip to reach the audience.  

During shooting process, the set will be designed in conformity with the script. In case clip shooting will be outdoor, required equipment will be provided. After location design, actors should also be provided, if needed. In case the clip will be an animation supported clip which is today’s one of the most popular trend, working again with a team having powerful designing skill and an art director is required.  Costumes and accessories should be provided and processes such as photo shoot and helicopter shoot should also be done during this process. 

According to story, director and professional team will conduct shooting process by using equipment such as flycam, aerial shoot, jimmy jib, glidecam, 4K and Full HD camera. Production process should be terminated in order to reflect adequately the rhythm and atmosphere of the music and to make it ready to be broadcasted in both television and digital platforms. During this process, works like editing and film cutting will be realized and the clip shooting will be realized and submitted in an extremely impressing way in terms of visuality.      

VH Medya team realizes all of these processes, from the beginning to end, in a professional way. A video clip would result in the most impressive way in case its shooting takes shape in expert hands.  Despite a video clip is shorter than a movie, it requires same professionalism since processes are same in all reason. By introducing a visionary perspective with our script writers, we create the most accurate scripts to the music and lyrics and we realize video shooting processes with the most suitable equipment and expertise of director and technical team. It should not be forgotten in the video clips; which are very important for musicians in terms of reaching millions, that this work can just be effective in case is managed and implemented with proper process management. If you want your video clips are watched by masses and create an impact and difference in the sector, as VH Medya, we provide all your needs in this subject.