What is Backlink – What are the Benefits for the Websites?

What is Backlink – What are the Benefits for the Websites?

Backlink which is quite important for SEO, cannot push a website over the top but, it helps it to take firm steps and to become more popular. Backlink which is considered as a must for outside website SEO activities, makes significant contribution when taken from qualified authorities. Backlink activities are quite important since outside website SEO works cannot be held exactly done without making these studies.

How Backlink Provides Benefit?

In order to provide benefit from backlinks, link should be taken from web sites which are in the higher position as ‘Do Follow’, in other words, link should be taken in a way that Google search engine boots take into consideration. A web site can be reference or guarantor to another one and this means Do Follow links. On the other hand, in No Follow, links still take place in the web site but it means that I’m not reference to the website or blog which provides backlink to the Google boots. If a web site is constantly making ‘Do Follow’ backlink to another website, it can be considered as ‘Spam’ and the web site can be punished. This punishment can lead to decrease in Google ranking and eventually it can result in delisting from the search engine list.

We can say that backlinks have two benefits. The first benefit and the reason why it is preferred in the SEO activities is that being on the first ranks. Especially, qualified backlinks taken from the relevant keywords, may result being at the top of ranking. Needless to say, doing it excessively may appear as spam operation. The most beneficial backlink activity for the websites is to increase at the top with backlinks provided with natural ways. Otherwise, while trying to reach the top rank in Google, you can turn upside down.     

Besides SEO, second advantage of backlink is to attract visitor. The person clicking to the related backlink, directly directed to the backlink owner website. A web site who makes such link activity will gain additional visitor except increasing in the ranks.

doğal backlink

Natural Backlink Activities

SEO activities are link and reference purchases seem to be natural but done by certain people. By taking backlink from quality web sites with methods such as introduction letters, link purchases and so on, the purpose is to increase the rank of web site for which backlink was provided. On the other hand, as can be understood from its name, natural backlink is to share a web site or blog address in the internet by independent peoples. It can be illustrated as: you created a quite detailed and useful content. A person who read this content like it and shared it in his/her social media account or in a forum where he/she is registered to make them read by other people. This is included in the scope of natural backlink. Without your impact, sharing just because the content was considered to be useful is something very important. In unnatural; in other words, artificial backlink activities, on the other hand, web site owners purchase introduction letters by paying its cost or they purchase link from other quality web sites. This has also a contribution in ranging but, natural backlinks’ impact on increasing a website’s ranking is quite big.

dofollow - no follow baclink

Point to Take into Consideration while Taking the Backlink

  • Constant ‘Do Follow’ link purchase will cause harm to the web site or blog. In case a backlink activity will not be realized in natural ways and an artificial backlink will be preferred, it had to be done by extending over a period of time and it should not be realized over a short term.
  • It would provide benefit if you not just provide backlink from the web sites or blogs in your area but provide it from quality web sites in other categories.   
  • Taken Do Follow – No Follow link rate should be 50% - 50%. Overloading to a single type and constant Do Follow link purchase will cause you harm.
  • Backlink activity should not be carried out for a newly opened web site or blog. In the first step, quality content should be produced and then link activities should be carried out.  
  • In case the links described as Footer Link which are applied at the bottom of the web sites and blogs are excessively applied to the new web sites, it can be perceived as ‘Spam’ by Google boots. Despite it is said that Footer Links do not contribute in SEO activities as before, it is still preferred. 
  • Natural Backlink activities is considered to be the most quality method. In order to achieve that, we should provide benefit to the people by producing quality and unique content

Prepared by: Yemliha TOKER